On March 8th 2007, there was an evening of deejaying and a mix of live
hip-hop and reggae performances above Back 2 The Grind café
at a place called “The Studio Downtown.” A feature of the night was a performance by Rumour Rumour featuring Andrew Bees, formerly a lead vocalist of seminal reggae group Black Uhuru. Rumour Rumour is a group consisting of rotating members that play instrumental sounds that reflect an amalgam of styles primarily one would find in regions in the Carribean and along its U.S. coastline. On the night of March 8th, it was their reggae music that was playing throughout HMS studios downtown.

Andrew Bees Live Performance

It was close to 1am when the featured music of Rumour Rumour featuring Andrew Bees began. Their set lasted for approximately 30 minutes and it was a mix of material, much of it apparently coming from Andrew Bees’ solo material Hardest of Andrew Beez, as songs such as “System” caught my attention while other remaining tunes were made up of a few classics like Black Uhuru’s “Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner.” The multimember band Rumour Rumour provided tight musicianship. There was a cross section of players/musicians: drummers (drum kit, djembes), rhythm guitarist, bassist, keyboardist (w/effects), saxophonist and vocalist (backup vocals). Andrew Bees’ voice was clear and strong on this night and was able to carry the surrounding music to a harmonious place. Andrew found himself dancing (mashing it up) on stage at moments when the band bridged or jammed intermittently on certain songs and it helped people also feel the music and move around a bit more as well. It was good for people to receive and give the energy.
In final, the set was solid and a good intro for new and local comers to reggae music.


Rumour Rumour Featuring Andrew Bees

A list of players that were apparently in the band lineup on the evening of the March 8th show were: Andrew Bees (lead vocals), Cherith Neely (backup vocals), Json Hedge (drum kit), Juan Carrasquillo (keyboard), Mike Cazares (guitar), Chritopher Bryant (guitar, back up vocals), Tim Newkirk (bassist), Kevin Hooper (percussion, djembes), Joey Hernandez (Saxophone).

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Andrew Bees, click below.


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