Tomás Rivera Tribute – Roberto Tijerina, Dean Milagros Peña, Concha Rivera, and Dr. Carlos Cortés

KUCR DJ Roberto Tijerina, along with Dean Milagros Peña, Concha Rivera, and Dr. Carlos Cortés, sit down and discuss the legacy of UCR Chancellor Tomás Rivera. The 28th Annual Tomás Rivera Tribute will happen October 27-30, 2016. For more information, visit:

L-R: Dr. Carlos Cortés, Roberto Tijerina, Dean Milagros Peña, Concha Rivera, and Louis Vandenberg in the KUCR studios.



Here’s to 50 more!

A huge shout out to Lille, Sandra, and the UCR Magazine for featuring KUCR in an amazing article!



Here’s just one of many photos from the KUCR 50th Anniversary Gala! This is just a few of our current DJs, taken at the end of the evening.

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