Hey Ryan My World Music Installment is Better

Ryan, I’ll see your U. Srinivas and raise you one Dokaka. Wait, what:

Apparently this Dokaka dude was involved with Bjork’s Medulla album. Which is bully for him, but seriously I got two minutes into that record and got very very frustrated and angry. That’s mainly because there was too much weird and not enough good.

Enough about me, more about ???, or Dokaka, which translates from the original Japanese as, well, I think it’s just onomatopoeic, so probably “Boom-bam-bam” or something. This next video is the cornerstone of my “I am better than Ryan at writing about World Music” argument:

Dokaka – Smells Like Teen Spirit.

I’d say a good 60% of what makes this video awesome isn’t even the music, it’s the reactions of the people walking by. Dokaka pretty much sets up camp in front of some kind of bean shop. A man that could well be the proprietor of said shop comes out several times during the video to passive-aggressively shake his head. That’s so Japanese, dude.

It’s also important to note here that, well, this is a 50 year old Japanese man. If this were the States, see, people would probably recognize the Nirvana cut as at least being familiar. The chances that this poor old dude would even recognize Smells Like Spirit, however, are pretty much nil. So in his mind, there is a stark raving lunatic squealing absolute gibberish into a microphone in front of his place of business. And he does absolutely nothing. This, my friends, is awesome.

Also contributing to the video’s epic factor is the fact that the videographer is clearly a student of the mid-80s MTV school of filming. Rushed pans, zooms, whole nine.

You, of course, can do your own research by looking for more Dokaka on Youtube (I would recommend checking out Part 3 from this series – the zooming spaceship sounds really frighten passersby), but I’ll leave you with one last video, which is also my favorite. This is appropriate because this is my post and not yours:

Dokaka – Dexter’s Favorite Song (from the same scene as above)

This video is not great because of crowd reaction or weird zooming (though that is also good here): the song itself is really cute. The melody line he picks up at 2:14 is absolutely magical, and if you disagree, you lose.

Ryan, I have a feeling that if Dokaka and U. Srinivas got into a fight, then Dokaka would win. And even if Dokaka got beat up I would step in and beat up U. Srinivas with his own mandolin (because I am strong) and then that would mean Dokaka wins because he is on my side.

I challenge you to come up with a better post.

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