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Dexter Thomas, Indian Time, Monica Taylor, and ASUCR Elections

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KUCR gets its Paid Dues!

MosDef-Talib Kweli hip-hop duo Black Star reunite for the Paid Dues Hip Hop Festival at the San Bernardino NOS Events Center on April 2nd. From the same people who brought you Rock The Bells in late 2010 featuring Lauryn Hill, Wu-Tang, Tribe, Immortal, Murs, and many more are bringing you an array of quality conscious hip-hop.

Your chance to win tickets for this event is at KUCR 88.3 FM. Tune in to 2nd Hand Jams (Mon 7-9pm), the Skinny Dip (Mon 9-11pm), Survival of the Freshest (Wed 7-9pm), and Vinyl Hours (Wed 9-11pm) every week for a chance to win a pair of tickets to PAID DUES!

Paid Dues

Ted Leo at the UC Riverside Barn Feb 23rd!!!

Ted Leo tour takes a stop at UC Riversides Barn. Tune in to KUCR 88.3 Friday February 18th after 11am for a chance to win tickets to see Ted Leo at the Barn.


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