Saving KUCR’s historic studios. The KUCR building was originally constructed during World War II by women working to support the war effort. An act of the U.S. Congress gave the military building, along with what is known as Crest Housing, to support UC Riverside. It was the first housing for the fledgling campus and also served other functions such as the original UCR credit union. Chancellor Ivan Hinderaker dedicated the building to KUCR in 1965. Since then, the KUCR building has hosted some of the most important literary, artistic, and musical talents, along with foremost opinion makers and thought leaders of America’s last 50 years. Historians cite KUCR’s building as one of the very few last remaining examples of its kind in the United States, and necessarily historic. Arguably, there is no building containing more history and significance to the campus, the surrounding community, and the region. Now, due to what some strongly believe was a defective UCR planning process, in which KUCR’s voice was not heard and important facts were ignored, the station’s historic studios are slated for destruction, to make way for an unprecedented privatized development of the north campus. This, even though the building is in good order and serves KUCR beautifully well, and could do so for another 70 years. Because of its importance to 60 years of UCR students, alumni, staff, faculty, and the greater Inland Empire community, and for generations to come, many believe a genuine, real and serious discussion must be held before this plan goes any further and irreparable harm takes place.  What’s your opinion? Send your thoughts to
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