KUCR was started in 1965 and officially began broadcasting from UCR in 1966. Since then, it has been a vital, active and creative college broadcaster in the student/campus model seen in the University of California and other great academic institutions throughout the United States. KUCR has been built by the effort and contributions of thousands of students, faculty, and staff from the time of its inception. KUCR’s mission is to offer an alternative to what is available in the commercial broadcast marketplace.

KUCR’s format is diversity. That’s why on KUCR you hear cutting-edge indie rock, real (not “easy”) jazz, real (not “easy”) classical by the world’s great orchestras and performers, progressive hip-hop, and much more, presented in artful and experimental mixes combining the rich history of recorded music into new fusions of sound and energy.

Our public affairs and news program offer no less diversity, ranging from world events and news, to special interest, to discussions featuring a broad range of the world’s authorities on the vital experts of our times.

A university with a student/campus radio station is a rare and special feature, and KUCR is the most honored, most award-winning radio station in the UC system. Check it out – we think you’ll find something to inspire you, to expand your knowledge, your horizons. KUCR believes that diversity, knowledge, and information is good for you.

Interested in finding out more, or even joining us? Drop us a line.