The UCR Barn and UCR Student Life and KUCR DJs Welcome Concert on Thursday, October 9th!

Thursday, OCT 9th * 7:30pm @ UCR Barn * Bad Bad Not Good * Shoppy + KUCR DJs

College Radio Day is Friday, October 3, 2014!

KUCR 88.3FM in Riverside, CA is a non-commercial college and community radio station that began broadcasting from the campus of the University of California, Riverside at 2pm on the afternoon of Sunday, October 2, 1966.  The station serves a diverse community in the inland, southern California area and has been broadcasting from the same building and location for over forty-five years. To find out more about our awesome college radio station read more here. 

Photo of founding engineer Bill Farmer testing equipment prior to the first Oct. 2nd, 1966 sign-on. 

A.11.a KUCR founding chief engineer Bill Farmer testing equipment prior to stations October 2, 1966 sign-on, unknown Press-Enterprise photographer front_RESIZED

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