UCR Barn Concert Spring Series 2011 interview

An interview with Baths!:

NEILL:  Hi Baths.

BATHS: Hello!

NEILL: So what’s real name?

BATHS:  My real name is Will—Will Wiesenfeld.  Baths is just a newly adopted pseudonym as of a year and a half ago.

NEILL:  How did you come up with it?

BATHS:  I love taking baths.  It started that simply, but then like there’s like a lot of really interesting connotations with the word so I feel in love with it very early on.  I thought it was going to be a song title or an album title but then I changed projects, so I just adopted the name.

NEILL:  Where did you originally start off, like who did you originally start playing your music to?

TRISHA:  Where are you from first of all?

BATHS: Yeah, I’m from Los Angeles and I’ve only ever made music out of L.A., like I’ve never—I haven’t lived anywhere else.

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UCR Barn Concert Spring Series 2011 interview

An interview with Newman Wolf!:

TRISHA KRAISORNKOWIT: So first off what’s your name?

NEWMAN WOLF:  My name is Newman Wolf. N-E-W-M-A-N W-O-L-F. That’s my real name.

TRISHA:  Not N-E-U- as our posters say?

NEWMAN: Not N-E-U- as the posters say.  I’m not upset about it.  I think it’s funny, it’s a good keepsake.

NEILL CHUA:  So why did you choose to use your own name instead of a pseudonym?

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3rd Annual Summer To-Do Festival, Sunday June 26th Life Arts Center, Downtown Riverside

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