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Examples of KUCR Historical Audio Artifacts


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Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles, speaking on campus at UC Riverside (specific location unknown).  March 5th, 1975.  From the Elledge Collection.


Hans Wynholds, founding station manager, delivers the first sign-on for KUCR (then at 88.1FM).  October 2nd, 1966.  From the Elledge Collection.


“UCR Focus” – Lucy Leontides, UCR piano teacher, interviewed by Gary Kern and Louis Vandenberg.  Recorded October 9th, 1980.  Air-date November 6th, 1980.  Ms. Leontides also performs Brahms: Rhapsody, Op. 79 No. 2 in G minor.


Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., author of Slaughterhouse Five and Cat’s Cradle, speaking on campus at UC Riverside (location unknown).  Recorded October 21, 1966.  LISTENER ADVISORY: Mr. Vonnegut refers to author Somerset Maugham with a pejorative word at 09:48 minutes.  We preserved the audio in its original format to maintain historical accuracy.


Dr. Francis Carney, professor of Political Science at UC Riverside, being interviewed ahead of the 1976 presidential primaries for the UCR Office of Information.


Cameron Crowe, award-winning filmmaker and journalist, interviewed live on-air by KUCR alumnus Steven Casper (’78).  Recorded in 1975 while Mr. Crowe was covering the Eagles for their Rolling Stone cover story of that year; also discussed is Mr. Crowe’s interview with David Bowie for Playboy Magazine the same year.


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